Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Love Healthy Women.

Hello all, I'm back with a rant. It's been about 2 months since I've posted due to lack of internet and in some cases news but the one thing that I made sure to follow up on every few days was the lovely Demi Lovato.

As you all know, Demi spent some time in a safe environment to deal with her depression, self image and overall health. Since leaving treatment she has been hard at work keeping herself and young girls like her healthy and fit. She became a contributing editor at Seventeen Magazine to spread her "Love is Louder" campaign, got a new album Unbroken all ready for us, tweeted a beautiful picture of her healthy bikini body, accessorized her phone with a Sober is Sexy sticker saying "Heroin Killed the Radio Star", gave a very personal interview to 20/20 about her struggles, won back the press, healed her broken friendships and topped it all off by putting on a sparkly silver dress to walk the red carpet at the VMA's.

Now I didn't watch the VMA's; I have no cable. I did however, see some rather nasty messages on twitter about Demi's shape. So what do I do? I look for pictures. I find this.
Is she bigger than before? Yes. Does she look different? Yes. Is she healthy? Yes. Now I have heard all that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and whatnot, but this isn't a question of beauty, it's a question of cruelty.

I think she looks absolutely beautiful; she's tan, she's glowing, she's smiling, she's living. It's a big change from some previous outings. But whether you agree with me or not, how can you say that she looks "fat" or "ugly" knowing what she's been through? If a man lived on the street for twenty years saving his money for a house when he finally got one you wouldn't burn it down. You wouldn't make gun or explosion noises around a soldier with PTSD. If a women fell from a high building and lived, you wouldn't push her off again as soon as she was over it. How can you tell a women who has almost killed herself to be skinny and finally beaten it that she's fat?

I know, I know, haters gon hate, but the thing is a lot of the people who were saying things about her weight were also saying they liked Demi. This is a contradictory statement to me. Let's look at the girl who said Demi's arms were looking a little "chunky". When she was attacked by Demi's supporting fans she claimed that she liked Demi. I don't believe her. You don't try to kill the people you like. If you like someone, by definition, you don't want them dead, or sick, or any of the horrible things that can happen.

I love Demi even more for being open about her weight issues and allowing herself to be attacked by these people. She truly is strong and is inspiring thousands to be strong with her. She is proving to the world that "healthy" and "skinny" aren't always synonymous. Let's all forget beautiful for a minute and just be healthy and happy.

And remember: Criticizing other people's weight won't change yours.

Congratulations Demi. Stay Strong.