Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Summer Set - Maybe Tonight

After a lot of questioning around the internet, The Summer Set have stepped up to announce that they are the "Half Moon Kids".

If you're wondering, like I think most people are, "What is a 'Half Moon Kid'?", the band answered it on their new website

"The Half Moon Kids started as a tight knit group of friends on a midnight walk one warm summers night. The Half Moon Kids soon became a collective consciousness, a train of thought, that turned one seemingly light hearted night into a new perception of reality."

And that sets the scene for their new music video "Maybe Tonight". 

The new album "Legendary" will be available April 16th via Fearless Records.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Streetlight Manifesto decide it's time for a break

Streetlight Manifesto has been struggling to get out their latest album "The Hands That Thieve". After many arguments and runarounds with their soon-to-be ex-label, the album has finally gotten it's release date. 

After nearly a decade, the guys are happy to say that they're "free of a very contentious, very unhappy relationship" with their record label, but they're also happy to call it quits. On touring, that is.

They stated on their website that they will never stop making music together, but the time has come to move on. Some of them will be exploring other musical avenues while others will be settling down and just being happy to be home. 

So, to finish out 10 straight years of tours, Streetlight Manifesto presents: The End Of The Beginning Tour, a year long, multi-country farewell tour and while they're not saying goodbye to live events forever, they did say it's likely they will never return to most of the places they're appearing this year. 

You can check out tour dates and read the bands farewell statement at

"The Hands That Thieve" will be available on April 30th via Victory Records. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

3oh!3 find an interesting way to celebrate 3/03

Nat and Sean have declared today "3Oh!3 day" and to celebrate they posted a list of 303 things to do on 3Oh!3 day. They asked their fans to do a whole slew of things ranging from drawing a 3Oh!3 sign to rolling down a hill to singing a duet with a stranger and asked for proof via instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Why would anyone do those things, you ask? To unlock some long awaited information and a new song.

They were successful. Within the early hours of the morning all 303 tasks had been completed and the proof posted. (You can see all the completed tasks here)

The guys are now streaming their new song "Back To Life" from the upcoming album "Omens". They also announced that "Omens" will finally be released June 18th. Pre-orders launched today. You can check out bundles and pre-order the album at To finish out the exciting news for 3Oh!3 fans, the music video for "Back To Life" will premiere on March 5th. The song will also be available on iTunes that day.

3Oh!3 will be performing select Warped tour dates this summer as well. Check your city and get tickets at

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bring Me The Horizon have had a busy week.

In the past few days Bring Me The Horizon had their new album "Sempiternal" leaked. They responded to the leak with a tweet saying they were glad everyone liked the album and teased that there might be an early release. 

Then on Thursday they announced the album had been bumped up four weeks from it's original release date. The album will now be released on April 2nd. 

They also announced that they've posted an official stream of the new album on youtube for a limited time and are urging everyone to buy it when it's released so they can continue making new music. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

We Are The In Crowd plays new song on tour

We Are The In Crowd played a new song at a show in Anaheim a few days ago. 

They are currently on the Wake Up and Be Awesome Tour with The Summer Set.