Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are The Jonas Brothers Finally Fading?

Where are all my Fan-Girls suffering from OJD? (Obsessive Jonas Disorder) Yes, you know who you are. You are currently the minority of fan girls. Could it be that this "Jonas Obsession" is finally dying out? Can it be true that girls are taking down their hundreds of Jonas posters? Yes. It can be true. And what do you suppose these girls are replacing the Jonas Brothers with? None other then Usher's kid-off-the-Canadian-streets Justin Bieber.

Back in 2007, when the Jonas boys were putting out their second CD and becoming the most popular thing on the planet since NSYNC, no one thought they would last long. Just another boy band, they get their 15 minutes and then they go back to the obscurity they came from. When their 15 minutes were up and they were still the most popular thing on the planet, people began to worry. Many parents began asking questions like "Why are they still here?" and "Do we really have to go to a third concert?", and although they were complaining, we all knew that they were really thinking things like "Thank God it's not Eminem" and "I remember these days. I wonder where my record player is."

I remember standing in my kitchen one evening while my mom was reading me an article on the computer about how long the Jonas Brothers were supposed to have left in the spotlight. I believe the guess was until spring of 2008. Well he was...uhm...close? The fact of the matter is, The Jonas Brothers have been on borrowed time for the last two and a half years. It's sad that they must go. I really do have quite the attachment to them. (Not that I plan on getting rid of my posters or the several large tour books I have displayed around my room.)

In the last 5 years The Jonas Brothers have managed 4 albums, 2 TV movies, a Disney mini series, 2 concert movies, a spot in the second "Night at the Museum", their own TV series, several guest appearances on talk shows, (not to mention Nick pursuing his own solo career) and countless celebrity girlfriends. (They're only countless because so many of them were denied...Nick) And after all of that, all the fan loyalty, all the fights with the boys at school about whether they were gay or not, (admitting to a girlfriend could have helped you there Nick.) It's all over. Teenage girls everywhere are finally getting sick of them. Shocking I know, but to quote a Death Cab for Cutie song "Oh darling understand, That everything, everything ends."

Their recent TV series "JONAS" crashed and burned. At the end of it's first season the numbers were dismal. And what does Disney do when something is dismal? Put a smile on it so they can make more money. They created a spin-off series called "JONAS LA" and after the first episode premiere, Disney is still smelling smoke. Justin Bieber may be stealing all their viewers. I'm sure they are trying to come up with a way to get him his own Disney show.

So in the end, Justin Bieber trumps Jonas every time. Are you okay with it? Or are you beginning to long for the days when you couldn't walk out side your door with out seeing the face of Nick, Kevin or Joe?

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