Thursday, June 9, 2011

Talented Women Hiding in the Auto-tuned Closet.

A lot of things have been known to annoy me, but one thing I just can't stand is when talented women block their talent. For example, the darling Selena Gomez released her single "Bang Bang Bang" this week and I'm sorry to say it doesn't even sound like her. It's been so auto-tuned and edited that you can barely understand the words, not to mention the music is so electronic it drowns everything else out. Now I love Selena, I really do, and I've never been a big fan of her music, but this is a little too much. It got me thinking about all the truly talented women that don't utilize their full talents.

Ke$ha does it. She was in choir in high school, she was talented, now all her voice tracks are put through a machine. Lady Gaga is truly talented, but she edits her songs in such a way and uses her music videos to draw attention to herself instead of her music. And it's not just auto tune. Fabulous, powerful, talented women like Beyonce take their clothes off and prance around when it's not even necessary.

Shakira is a very talented and well respected singer, but is seen pole dancing in music videos. Fergie is beautiful and talented but her outfits take the attention away from her music.

Possibly the one that makes me saddest is Rihanna. When things like her recent conflict with the Parents Television Council come up, it's hard to take either side. She made an important song "Man Down" and a video to match it, but had it banned, but her videos for things like "S&M", "Rockstar 101" and "Rude Boy" aren't challenged.

These are all gimmicks of pop machines created by record companies for temporary milking, but they are being used by strong, talented young women. What's worse then these women denying themselves of true talent is that they are teaching young girls that no matter how powerful, talented or beautiful you are, distracting gimmicks are the only way to be popular and successful.

I feel like it's almost disrespectful to appreciate the things these women do. It's like saying "You're only good when you're shaking something and singing through a machine." My goal has always been to put a positive spin on things, but sometimes things are important. My positive spin is hoping that this message will reach enough people and teach them to appreciate what's good instead of flashy, and that these women will get the respect they deserve.

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