Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cautioners - Conditional Identity
In a world where we can fix everything with Pro Tools, existing only online is a risky move, but the UK band Cautioners have done it flawlessly. When their debut EP "Conditional Identity" dropped they hadn't played a show yet.

EP's don't give you a lot of time at live show and they don't provide a whole lot of material to get a feel for a band, but this EP is one of the better executed. With only six tracks Cautioners manage to give a taste of everything with tracks ranging from guitar heavy instrumental driven to soft and soothing vocal driven.

The range doesn't give you an unsettling feeling though; every track seems to flow into the next effortlessly. The EP starts out with "Staging Area", an appropriate title for sure as it sets the theme with it's melancholy opening building to a pop-rock vibe climax. From there it slides into "The Build Up" and "Iteration V", carrying you on a wave of building and backing off.

I would have to say the best moments are found on "Man of Science" and I would tell you to go download this track, but I feel that to really appreciate it you need the experience of listening to the whole EP straight through.  Ride the wave.

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