Monday, September 14, 2009

When Big Stars Make Bigger Mistakes

Taylor Swift won an award for "best female music video" last night at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards. She was just about to make her acceptance when Kanye West jumped on the stage and took her microphone. Taylor looked startled and upset as Kanye stated that "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time." Video of Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's Acceptance. After his little interruption, Kanye West was escorted out of the building and his performance canceled.

A little while later, when Beyonce won an award for "best video of the year", (doesn't Kanye feel stupid) she said she remembered when she was up for her first VMA and asked that Taylor Swift come back to the stage and take Beyonce's spotlight. Later that night, Kanye's blog had a post about how sorry he was for his outburst and said that he realized that his actions were wrong.

So I don't know about you, but I would just like to say that Kanye was very wrong to take the spotlight from someone who did indeed deserve the award she won. I think that, although Beyonce had a fine video, all she really did was stand and dance, whereas Taylor had a very well planned out video that told a story. Just so everyone is clear: I do not hate Beyonce or Kanye West, I would just like to make sure that it is clear what he did was wrong and that Taylor won the award fair and square. I wish the best of luck to Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Kanye West. I am very proud of how both Taylor and Beyonce handled themselves and the fact that Kanye realized what he had done and apologized.

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