Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adam Lambert: Discriminated Against or Gone to Far?

Adam Lambert performed at the American Music Awards on Sunday night. After his performance of "For Your Entertainment" ABC's "Good Morning America" canceled his upcoming performance. Many people were outraged at Lamberts' sexual display, while others were only upset because they feel he is being discriminated against. Lamberts performance included men on leashes, a make out session with his key-board player, and a simulation of oral sex. He claims that he "had fun and so did his back up dancers". Lambert seems to feel that if it had been women (for example Britney Spears and Madonna) they would have gotten away with it and he is being discriminated against for being gay. What he doesn't seem to understand is that it wasn't the kiss that got under peoples skin, but the men on leashes and him shoving a dancers face into his crotch. Dick Clark Productions did not seem to know what Adam had planned. However, an interveiw on the red carpet let slip that Lambert may have known what was going to take place on the stage the whole time. Most people agree that whether he is proud to be gay or not, he did NOT display it properly. So the question seems to be: Did Adam Lambert get discriminated against or did he take the performance to far? You can see peices of the performance on CNN at this link.

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  1. Far from "getting away with it", if those had been women Lambert had on leashes he'd have a whole separate mess on his hands with feminist groups protesting how he was demeaning women.

    Bottom line--some things just don't belong on television, regardless of the gender of those involved.