Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Talents Beyond Hollywood

So it's not news that there are plenty of talented people on the internet. Most of them on youtube and myspace slowly working up a fan base. We all see these people, some even like them, but how often do you, say, tell a friend? Or post a link on your social networking site? Not very often I'm guessing. I know there are a few people who are very serious about these "smaller" people, they have seen every video, heard every song, and even told all of their friends about these people so many times they groan when they hear someone's name, but this group of people is very small. So my goal is to introduce you to some of my favorite people from youtube and myspace. I am even going to step outside of music for a moment to tell you about a few actresses. Are you ready? They are.

Brittani Louise Taylor is an actress that lives in California. She has tons of friends who are actors as well. She has two youtube channel's one for her and one for her imaginary friend Rhonda. Rhonda is a life coach who may or may not be on an illegal substance, although I'm fairly certain she just acts like it. I love her because she always reminds people to be themselves. She is funny but has a good sense of life. Her youtube channels are here: and

Another actress I am a big fan of is Lawrasaur. She lives in Florida. Besides her youtube channel she has a facebook page called "Skinny is NOT Perfection" devoted to the idea that girls don't have to be super skinny to be beautiful. Her videos are full of inspiration and jokes. You can check her youtube here:

As always, musicians are my favorite topic. This next person can sing, write and play guitar. Jasontyler lives in Florida and his deep lyrics are inspiring for so many reasons. He is the singer for his own band. He uses myspace to show off his talent, which is abundant. He may be just a seventeen year old kid, but he has the skills to be a great musician. You can check out his myspace, as well as his band's here:

Of course I must mention the lovely Sarah Daniels. This Lady GaGa lover who does covers of songs on her youtube was recently featured in a commercial for the Grammys. She works at Disney and Universal studios and names all of her instruments. She has a personality that is instantly lovable. You can see her sing here:

Last but of course not least, is Lost Cassette Tapes. His name? Cameron Fox. His thing? MUSIC. He's a musician on myspace and youtube. He writes his songs whenever he's inspired and then records them to share with the world. You can check out his myspace and youtube accounts here:

So they're all very talented, yes. But the coolest thing about them is definitely that they are all just people. People doing what they love, and are good at. So it's up to you. Will they make it? No one knows. Are you going to help them try? I know I am. Tell your friends, your family, co workers, and random people you meet at the grocery store. Every time you listen to a song or watch a video and every time you tell someone about these people it helps. Please don't just think of them as singers or actresses, talk to them. Send them messages and comments, show them love. Thank you for reading and thank you for giving these people a chance. I hope you enjoy them. Remember, there's plenty more where they came from.

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