Thursday, February 11, 2010

What do you do when you've already done everything?

So you're 5'10, 20 years old, long blond curly hair, a love for sparkly dresses, and rose to the top of the music world very quickly. Taylor Swift has already won the CMA "Entertainer of the Year", won at the VMA's, been publicly slammed by a fellow performer, won big at the Grammys, and broken an award. She has basically gotten an award on every award show ever created. Anyone open "Rolling Stone" lately? Her album "Fearless" from 2008 is still at the top of the top 40 albums. Now I love Taylor, but really how many times can you make that shocked "OMG-thankyousomuch-ThisIsSoUnexpected!" face? Especially if you have already won EVERYTHING. You would think she would have stopped being surprised. In fact, you would expect her to be getting bored by now. Between shattering boy's hearts and writing songs about it, her album went platinum. She has already hugged Faith Hill, sung with Miley Cyrus, dated a Jonas Brother, what else is there? What is she going to do next now that she has done everything? Will she be forced into obscurity because there is nothing more for her to do? Or will she just continue to bounce around the top of the top 40 until they invent something new for her to win? I'm not even sure if I should wish her luck or not because I just don't know what's left. What I do know: The first single off Taylor's new album is due out late summer. Until then she has a new movie opening tomorrow called Valentine's Day. I'll be seeing it, will you?

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