Monday, March 15, 2010

You hear what I'm saying, but do you understand it?

Okay, so. If you're really smart and really famous and your brother is getting married and your other brother never really did much but look pretty, is it time to go out on your own? Nick Jonas seemed to think so. His new solo CD "Who I Am" is really good. It's very different then the poppy, energetic music that we're so used to hearing from him. My worry about this all-grown-up sound is that not only is the music different, the lyrics and themes of the songs are very serious. The first song "Rose Garden" starts "She was brought into this world by a beautiful mistake, when her mom was just a girl and her daddy didn't stay". The CD is full of songs with pretty powerful messages, but are his fans picking up on them? He is after all, only 17 years old. His target audience seems to be much older then the pre-teen, boy band obsessed fans he picked up with The Jonas Brothers. They may know all the words, but do they understand? And more importantly, does he care?

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