Monday, September 13, 2010

VMA's 2010 a.k.a. The year NOTHING happened.

So, as everyone knows, the MTV Video Music Awards were last night, and they were a little disappointing. There were no scandals, no fights. It was really quite boring. It was like a regular award show.

The show opened with Eminem and Rihanna singing "Love the Way You Lie", and ending their performance by giving each other a big hug. Eminem then had to leave because he has a performance in New York today. He won several awards, but wasn't there to accept them.

Justin Bieber pulled up and was chased to the stage by a pack of teenage girls. (Big Surprise) He performed "Baby" and "Somebody to Love". He attempted to play the drums and dropped his drum stick. A popular youtube web show "What The Buck" had a message for Justin: "Step away from the drums! You sir are no Nick Jonas." A statement I couldn't help but agree with. (You can watch his recap HERE) Justin won the "Best new artist" award and was all ready to accept it, but seemed to have some trouble finding the stage. He walked around for a minute looking all around him for the stairs, but he did finally make it up to accept his moon man.

New developments in the never ending Taylor Swift/Kanye West war have fans of Taylor out raged. Both stars had very different performances last night, starting with Taylor. Her performance went as well as can be expected. It was a slower ballad of a song off her new CD. The song "Still an Innocent" was very possibly directed at Kanye as a "forgiveness song" with lines like "Who you are is not what you did, you're still an innocent". Then Kanye took the stage suggesting we have "Toast to the scumbags". His song that was so NOT was Taylor was singing about started a whole new round of insults to Kanye. Will this constant battle ever end?

The big award of the night "Video of the Year" went to a rather interestingly dressed Lady GaGa. She was wearing a dress that looked to be made of meat, with a matching purse and hat. In the moments before the winner was announced, GaGa was looking ill and I was worried about her heart. When Cher (in a stranger outfit then GaGa's) announced that "Bad Romance" had won, GaGa took the stage with her head held high. She took her moon man and handed Cher her purse, starting her speech with "I never thought I would be asking Cher to hold my meat purse." She was crying and explaining that she was so scared she would let her fans down and she was so proud to have all her little monsters. Through all her tears of joy (and possibly fear) she managed to keep her promise to announce the title of her new album "Born This Way" and sing a very strong a capella performance of the title track. She proudly sang "I'm beautiful in my way, cuz God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way."

On a more interesting note, Lady GaGa's dates (there were 4 of them!) were all lovely people affected by the Don't Ask, Don't Tell ruling in Cali. GaGa walked the carpet with David Hall, (former Air Force Sgt.) Mike Almy, (former Air Force Major) Stacy Vasquez, (former Army Sgt. First Class) and Katie Miller (former West Point cadet) around her.

In these few short paragraphs I have covered everything even close to a scandal. Congratulations Chelsea, you tamed the wild award show. Congratulations to all the winners.
My favorite part of the night was when GaGa sang "Born This Way". What was yours?

I'm out. <3 -MMN

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