Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorites: July 5, 2013
Let's be honest. Every Simple Plan record will probably end up here at some point. By that I mean, I recommend that you buy all their albums as a preemptive strike an avoid me going on and on saying basically the same thing about every one. It's great.

Think about Blink-182. I assume you've heard Blink on a regular basis, (because otherwise what are you doing here?) but if you haven't, forget Simple Plan and go get a Blink record, you poor, deprived child.

Okay, think about the best things about Blink-182, the very best things. Put them together in your head. Imagine Blink had a child that only got the very best genes and then make that a band instead of a kid. Then imagine that bands music. Then stop imagining because it's not your band and it's already been done for you and go buy Still Not Gettin' Any by Simple Plan. Thank you, have a nice day.

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